Kenny Britt talks of Patriots' visit

Free-agent wide receiver Kenny Britt visited the Buffalo Bills today, and ESPN.com NFL Nation reporter Mike Rodak had the chance to catch up with him.

Britt, of course, visited the Patriots on Monday.

"It was actually better than I thought it was," Britt told Rodak of his stop in New England. "A lot of guys, a lot of people out there that don’t know or been on the inside or think it’s strict and things like that, but it’s laid back when I got there. They got good people there. I actually worked out for them. The workout went great. I had a good time."

Britt didn't get the chance to meet with Bill Belichick, however.

"Actually Bill was out of the building at the time I showed up," Britt told Rodak. "I left a thank you card on his desk [laughing]."

Britt, the former Tennessee Titan, has had visits with the Rams, Patriots, Redskins and Bills.

As for when Britt might make a decision, he said, "It’s crazy, it might be in a couple days. Throughout this weekend, me and my wife [are] going to sit down and we’re going to talk about it and what’s actually best for us and me mentally as I go through this process. Hopefully the next three days."