So far, Brady only has eyes for Edelman

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady keeps saying that the offense is not where it needs to be.

“We just have to find ways to get everybody the ball and spread it around to different guys,” Brady said on Monday morning in an interview with WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan.

So is the key to a successful Patriots offense as simple as distributing the football to players other than wide receiver Julian Edelman?

Through two games, Edelman has 12 receptions for 176 yards and a touchdown. Meanwhile, Brady is 44-of-78 for 398 yards and two touchdown passes. That means about 27 percent of Brady’s completed passes and more than 44 percent of all of Brady’s passing yards are to Edelman.

“I’m going to go out there and do my job and that’s to get open and catch the ball,” Edelman said in the locker room on Monday when asked about sharing the football in the passing game.

“I’m not the quarterback, so I’m sure -- it’s only two games, there’s a lot of season left -- there’s going to be games where other guys are going to get more rocks than me. But, I’m just going to continue to try to get better and do my job.”

Only tight end Rob Gronkowski has more targets (17) than Edelman (15). But from an efficiency standpoint, Edelman is the most productive of the receivers with 10-plus targets as he has caught 80 percent of passes thrown his way.

Edelman says the lack of distribution in the passing game is no cause for concern.

“It’s two games. We are just trying to go out there and we are trying to get better.”

Brady acknowledged that he needs to get wide receivers Danny Amendola and Brandon LaFell and tight end Tim Wright more involved in the offense, but put the blame on himself for not distributing the ball to them.

Wright said whether he is targeted is not his call to make, but rather a product of Brady’s decision-making and the game plan. In the case of Sunday’s game and so far this season, Edelman’s No. 11 jersey is the one Brady keeps seeing open.

“When your number is called to make the play, that’s how things went yesterday,” Wright said. “[Brady] was delivering to a receiver that came up with some great plays. [Edelman] got it done for us.”

Wright thinks the offense has a lot of room for improvement.

“At the end of the day, we are just trying to go back into the game plan and try to focus on areas we can clean up things,” Wright said. “Just the little things -- the small details that we can count on toward the end of games with those conversions and coming out with those touchdowns. It’s going to get us over the edge.”