Darrelle Revis: Patriots were 'really dialed in' to Broncos' offense

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When you're facing a quarterback like Peyton Manning, every one of his eligible receivers can be dangerous at any time.

Matchups become key on every down. So it should come as little surprise that nearly every one of Manning's options spent time on Revis Island during Sunday's 43-21 loss to the New England Patriots.

"It's an explosive offense," Darrelle Revis said. "They put up big numbers every game and they're explosive, all of them. Emmanuel [Sanders is] fast. Demaryius Thomas is big and fast. Julius Thomas is big and fast as well. We did a great job. We understood what they were trying to do and trying to accomplish on offense and we definitely came out and played every down. It was 60 minutes and we executed like we were supposed to."

This was the type of game Revis was brought in for. To not only shut down a top receiver, but shut down a top quarterback as well. Sure, Revis spent the majority of time covering Demaryius Thomas and Sanders, but that didn't stop him from lining up opposite many of the other Broncos receiving options that made their way to the outside.

Julius Thomas? Revis was on him twice. Cody Latimer? Once. Jacob Tamme? Twice. Even Andre Caldwell, who only had two receptions -- both coming in Denver's first game of the season -- entering Sunday. Revis lined up opposite of him seven times.

"We just switched things up," Revis said. "Disguised very well. The whole defense did. We just gave him different looks to not just be stale out there. If you [are] stale against Peyton, he'll figure it out just like that and tear a defense apart. We just wanted to mix it up and we did a very good job disguising very well across the board."

The plan worked. Although Revis was beat three times on the Broncos' first scoring drive -- twice by Sanders and once by Demaryius Thomas -- he shut both players down while he was covering them for the majority of the second half. Meanwhile, the rest of the secondary did its part as well, with Brandon Browner, the team's "Energizer Bunny," as Revis described him, picking off Manning on a deep pass to Wes Welker and Devin McCourty and Kyle Arrington holding their own as well.

"We adjusted according to what he was showing us offensively. We just took advantage," Revis said. "We were really dialed in and really focused on what they were doing offensively. We know it starts and ends with Peyton and we definitely wanted to focus on him throughout the whole game.

"We knew what they were doing on offense and we were really dialed in on what they did in all phases of the game. I tip my hat off to my teammates, for everybody just being very focused and understanding as a team what we needed to accomplish this week and what this game meant. We did it."

A look at Manning's stats -- 438 passing yards on 34 completed passes -- may cause one to scoff at the secondary's effort. However, holding him and the league's top offense to 21 points was a testament to the Patriots' defensive effort, one anchored by a strong game from the defensive backs.

"We feel very confident as a defense. We wanted to go out there and control the game," Revis said. "It's one of the best offenses in the league. These are the type of games you want to play for and we definitely stood up to the challenge."

With the AFC's best record in hand, home field advantage is the Patriots' goal, according to Revis. And while his first game as part of the Tom Brady-Manning rivalry went his way, he knows this may not be the last time these two teams face off this season.

"Today we mixed it up with a bunch of coverages," Revis said. "At times we had to get physical with them and we executed all those times that we needed to be physical with them as well.

"That's how we wanted it to be and that's what we wanted to do. Dominate them, and we did today."