Patriots could get three extra picks in '16

The New England Patriots have had more compensatory free-agent losses than gains this offseason, which means they are currently in line for multiple compensatory draft choices in 2016.

The highly-regarded "Over the Cap" website projects three additional draft picks for the club:

  1. A third-rounder for cornerback Darrelle Revis.

  2. A sixth-rounder for defensive tackle Vince Wilfork.

  3. A sixth-rounder for running back Shane Vereen.

Specific to Wilfork, it is noted he is on the fifth-to-sixth round bubble, and that could go either way.

Some might ask the question how the Patriots could be in line for a high pick for Revis. The reason is that because of the way the contract was structured, with a roster bonus that wasn't picked up, they technically didn't release him. That means Revis is included in the compensatory pick formula. Brandon Browner would also count in this formula, but he is cancelled out by the signing of Jabaal Sheard.

As explained in the piece, the compensatory pick formula evolves over the course of the year. But as it stands now, the Patriots look to be in good shape.