Chandler Jones excited for Malcolm Butler to have more impact in 2015

HOLLISTON, Mass. -- New England Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones previously said it was an honor to play with arguably the best cornerback in the NFL, Darrelle Revis. So now that Revis has signed with the New York Jets, how do the Patriots adjust?

That was the question Jones was asked Friday morning during a community-based appearance on behalf of the team with the Special Olympics.

“We’re always preaching about ‘It’s not who we don’t have, but it’s who we have.’ I know you guys only heard of Malcolm Butler during the whole Super Bowl thing and that big play, but Malcolm has been making plays for us the whole season in practice, and he’s been getting good looks for us. So I’m excited for him to step up as one of the impact players as well," Jones said.

Jones’ locker was next to Butler’s last season, which gave him some additional insight into Butler’s approach.

“Malcolm Butler is a very quiet guy. He’s a guy that knows his role. He does a good job of ignoring the hype. All the things that are going on with him, and his life changing with that big play, he’s still the same person, and I really admire him for that.”

Some more sound bites from Jones:

Thoughts on all Patriots comings and goings: “I’m a strong believer in Coach Belichick, so whatever he’s doing, I’m behind 110 percent.”

Vince Wilfork signing with the Texans: “Vince was a great leader on our team. Like I said [in] a previous interview, he was a big brother, a best friend and a mentor. He’s taught me a lot. I feel like it’s one of those situations where you kind of push the bird off of the nest and he flies away. I feel like I’m that bird and I’m ready to fly.”

New teammate Jabaal Sheard: “He is a tremendous player. I know him, we’re very good friends, we had the opportunity to play in the same conference in college and I remember watching film of him [in] college. I’m excited to have him, to maybe line up alongside him. He has a great pass rush as well.”

How much he’s looking forward to a trip to the White House: “I’m very excited for that. Hopefully I can get a selfie with Obama.”