Details on Brandon Spikes contract with Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The following is a breakdown of the contract signed by linebacker Brandon Spikes with the New England Patriots:

Term: One year

Base salary: $800,000

Split salary: $413,000 (in event of injury)

Signing bonus: $25,000

Workout bonus: $50,000

Playing time incentive (likely to be earned/counts vs. cap): $200,000

Playing time incentive (not likely to be earned/doesn't count vs. cap): $700,000

Roster bonus-1: $25,000 (if on roster by first game)

Roster bonus-2: $200,000 ($12,500 per game if on 46-man game-day roster)

Cap charge: $1.3 million

There are different ways to look at this contract. One way is to say it's a one-year deal with a maximum value of $2 million. Another way is to say it's a one-year deal with only a $25,000 pure guarantee, so the team could move on quickly with limited financial impact if it so desired. For Spikes, the free-agent market probably didn't unfold as he desired and that led to this type of pact, where he has some financial upside but he will have to earn the money as he goes instead of having it paid to him up front. With Spikes previously saying that money isn't a driving factor for him -- it's more about the love of the game -- this probably isn't something that gets him down much, if at all.