TE Scott Chandler making strong first impression on New England Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A few leftovers of note from media access to the New England Patriots' organized team activity Thursday:

Scott Chandler makes strong first impression. Tight end Scott Chandler, who signed with the Patriots in March after five seasons with the Bills, is getting favorable reviews. "Scott's been a tremendous veteran addition to our team," offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said. "He has a great work ethic, he's come in here and done everything he could to catch up. He has a good rapport with the quarterbacks and the other tight ends and he's very coachable, very intelligent and in great condition. He's everything you could ask somebody to come here and be at this point in the year."

Chandler's unique look on the field. When Chandler answered questions from reporters, he flashed a smile that revealed two missing teeth. "In high school, I got elbowed in the mouth and got six teeth out," he relayed. "They tried to put them back in, and thought for a while it was going to work out. But this offseason, I went and got an X-Ray and it didn't look so good." So Chandler had two of the teeth pulled, and instead of wearing his retainer on the field, he goes without it. The reason? "I like to look mean for a little bit," he cracked, saying he'll stick with that look for a couple more weeks before getting his replacement teeth. Asked if there was pain involved, Chandler showed his self-depreciating side. "Just when you look at me; it's painful for you," he joked.

No difference in Brady. McDaniels hasn't noticed a difference in quarterback Tom Brady in light of the Deflategate fallout, calling him "the same Tom Brady I've always had a chance to coach at this time of year -- working extremely hard, great attitude, a very positive influence on our offense and team. Nothing different than every year I've had a chance to work with him in the past." McDaniels added that Brady has had "a very good spring."

Nothing out of the norm with QB reps. As for how the Patriots have split up repetitions in practice between Brady and top backup Jimmy Garoppolo, it was described by McDaniels as business as usual. "We're doing the same thing we would have always done," he said. "The first two [quarterbacks] are getting a lot of the same reps, splitting the same periods."

Super Bowl rings to be presented Sunday. Patriots owner Robert Kraft will present Super Bowl rings to players during a private function at his home on Sunday. Kraft has also invited players who were part of the 2014 team but have signed elsewhere. The team's official website put together a video to preview the day.