New England Patriots financial check

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A snapshot look at the New England Patriots' financial outlook:

Salary cap space: $12.08 million

NFL rank: 10th most

NFL context: The Jaguars have the most cap space ($35.9 million), while the Jets ($6.3 million), Broncos ($5.2 million), Saints ($3.4 million) and Chiefs ($1.4 million) are at the bottom of the list.

Total cash spending: $137,886,330

NFL rank: 19th most

NFL context: The Jets ($164 million), Saints ($163 million) and Dolphins ($161 million) have the highest cash spending, while the Lions ($105 million) are at the bottom of the list.

Dead money: $13,874,754

NFL rank: 9th highest total

NFL context: The Dolphins ($25.3 million) and Saints ($22.6 million) have the highest totals, while the Bengals ($798,248) remain the lowest, followed by the Broncos ($1.038 million).