Rob Gronkowski: Coach Belichick gives me the space for me to be me

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has co-authored a new book titled "It's Good to be Gronk" and I gave it a quick read after receiving it late this week.

Here is one excerpt, from Chapter 14 ("Down but not out") that caught my eye:

Since I couldn't participate in [2013] training camp, I watched practice on the sideline in between my own conditioning drills. ... While I was watching a practice, Coach Belichick, who was standing right next to me, turned and said, 'Rob, you are one of the hardest workers I've seen and you're always working hard when you're here, but when you're not here ... I don't know about your craziness off the field, the messing around.'

I started laughing and told him, 'The fun stuff makes me grind harder, Coach!'

He shook his head as he walked away and said, 'Whatever works for you.'

He was busting my chops a little, but Coach Belichick gives me the space for me to be me since he knows I always take care of business first. And he knew I was working hard to get ready to play as soon as I could.