Randy Moss reflects on career: For 14 years, I think I did something right

WHITE SULPHER SPRINGS, West Virginia -- Former New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss shared his thoughts on quarterback Tom Brady after Thursday's practice with the New Orleans Saints, but that wasn't the only topic he touched upon.

Here are some of the highlights from the media session with Moss, the West Virginia native who was a guest of the Patriots:

Reflecting on his career: "I always wondered myself how I would reflect back on my career. You know what’s funny? I look on the internet and look at myself and wonder, 'How was I able to run and do the things I was able to do?' And now, I never really got caught up in things when it was dealing with me, like overwhelming. But some of the things that I see myself do, now that I’m older, I’m like 'Wow, I was able to do that stuff.' Just out of the confidence that I’ve always had; never cocky, [but] I think you have to have a certain swag to play this game. Like I said, me going back and looking at my highlights man, it’s something that for 14 years, I think I did something right."

If he had the urge to suit up again today with Brady: "He wanted me to; he threw me the ball a couple times. It was great being around the guys. I think I reached out to coach a couple months back, and just told him I was in the area and it would be nice. I wanted to bring a few kids up here. It was a short-notice thing, and just by seeing the love and hearing the fans out of the state of West Virginia, I think this is a good thing that The Greenbrier is putting on."

What he's doing now with his career: "I just opened the Randy Moss Academy in Charlotte. One of the things is that I want to be able to give back to the game. I think a lot of people that send their kids to camp pay hundreds of dollars just to get your kids in a magazine, or just to show your kids’ 40 time or something like that. What I’m trying to put together is an academy to really be able to give back to the game and also show these young men how to play the game, how it’s supposed to be played, how to take care of your body, how to approach the game. I think my offseason, I’ve always taken it in quarters, four quarters, and my fourth quarter was always a little harder than my first and second, because that’s when I’m going into camp. I think a lot of guys deal with a lot injuries, so just being able to show them everything it took for me to be a professional athlete."

If he'll never play again: "I would say never, but aaahhhh ... let’s leave it at that."