Tom Brady reacts to Bills' fans chant of 'We want Brady! We want Brady!'

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says the team is looking forward to their Week 2 game at Buffalo. AP Photo/Mike McCarn

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- At the end of the Buffalo Bills' season-opening victory over the visiting Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, fans at Ralph Wilson Stadium started a chant.

"We want Brady! We want Brady!" they yelled between the clapping of hands.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was played the chant during his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI on Monday, and after a laugh, he said, "Well, we'll be there. Sunday at 1 is going to be a pretty exciting game. They obviously have a lot of confidence and Coach Ryan, Rex, has brought that to a lot of places he's [been]. They're not an easy team to prepare for, but we'll be ready to go when the ball is kicked off.

"If you love football, Sunday at 1 in Orchard Park will be a great place to be."

More sound bites from Brady:

Watching football games on Sunday to scout or more for enjoyment? "A little of both. I was watching the Buffalo-Colts game yesterday. As much scouting as you can possibly do, which is a little tough if you don't get the overall views from the television that we normally get. Then you kind of flip it back and forth between that Red Zone channel that gives you every important play in the league. It's fun. We don't really ever get any opportunity to do that. Yesterday was kind of unique. It was fun to have it on the opening weekend."

First impressions on the Bills. "They're a tough team. They have a good defense, they play really well at home. We know it's going to be a tough test this week. It's always tough against them. I know we've had a pretty good record over the years against them, but it's always tight games and certainly playing in Buffalo, it's a very, very loud stadium. It's an old stadium, but it's surprisingly very, very loud. It's a great environment for football and we'll be tested. There's no doubt they have a real good football team."

Why he doesn't take anything for granted in the NFL with Patriots a consistent division winner. "As you saw yesterday, how many devastating injuries were there? You see it over the course of the season; the broken foot by Dez Bryant, that's pretty big. Then [Antonio] Cromartie looks like he was hurt pretty bad [sprained knee, per Adam Schefter]. [Terrell] Suggs, that was awful to see. So you never know in football. It's hard to figure out what kind of team you're going to be in September. There's nothing that's really shown itself to this point -- a couple flash plays. The sample size is so small. You don't really get to the mental toughness part, the work ethic, the discipline, whether you can sustain a level of performance over the course of a long season."

Why he declined a post-game interview with NBC. "There are other people that deserve the opportunity to do that, too. To be on national TV. ...It's nice to give my teammates an opportunity to do a lot of these things I'm always asked to do as well. It's my 16th year, and some of these things are great, and I don't take them for granted. But I have a lot of teammates that are very deserving of certain things also."

Reaction to media reports on the Patriots. "I hear it, and then I just kind of ignore it. I said last week, at this point of the season, there's only one thing for me to focus on. Anything else is just a waste of my time. Stuff like that is just a waste of my time. I think football is such a great sport. There are so many players that work so hard and so many players I've played with that I respect, and played against, that put so much in and sacrifice their bodies and minds for the sport. I think it's a disservice to talk about anything other than that. This game of football is great for a lot of reasons; certainly for the coaches and players that put so much into it. Like I said, I watched those guys yesterday who are tearing Achilles and knees and all these things. The good things about the sport are the things ... that's why I love the game, for the great performances that you see on a weekly basis. All the other stuff, more offseason stories, I ignore it at this point."