Devin McCourty: 'King Kong would probably struggle, too'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Anyone up for some good "King Kong" talk?

Bills coach Rex Ryan's remarks about New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski generated some chatter in the Patriots' locker room Thursday, as players were asked to respond. Ryan said of Gronkowski: "We're not going to ask one guy to cover him. He'd have to look like King Kong."

Your thoughts, Patriots safety Devin McCourty?

"The guy has a lot of touchdowns in this league. I think King Kong would probably struggle, too," he cracked.

While there is no official "King Kong" on the Bills' roster, Gronkowski played it straight.

"Like I said, I have to prepare for everyone whenever game time comes," he said, keeping a straight face.

McCourty, Gronkowski and former Bills tight end Scott Chandler drew larger crowds during the media-access period.