With capable play from rookie linemen, what happens when starters return?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When a team is 3-0 like the New England Patriots and most everything has gone right through the early part of the season, there generally aren't a long list of concerns and/or questions.

One that lingers for the Patriots is what could only be described as the type of "problem" any team would like to have: When 2014 starters Bryan Stork and Ryan Wendell return to 100 percent along the offensive line, what happens with the trio of rookies (center David Andrews and guards Shaq Mason and Tre' Jackson)?

That was one of the topics that came up multiple times in Thursday's ESPNBoston.com Patriots chat.

Specific to the center position with Stork and Andrews: "This is the definition of what we often talk about as a 'high-class problem.' At a time that some are writing about an OL epidemic around the NFL, the Patriots could have to figure out how to proceed with two starting-caliber players available for one spot. My educated guess would be they rotate initially to get Stork up to speed, and then it ultimately would be Stork. Andrews did line up at left guard at times in camp, but he looks more like a pure center to me, and it could be a bit more difficult for him at guard from a size perspective."

Wendell's return and who might be affected most: "I thought Tre' Jackson struggled a bit vs. the Jaguars, so if I was to go by the latest game, I might ultimately insert Wendell at right guard when he's ready. But let's give it a little time, and also acknowledge that the picture is ever-changing and an injury can change things in an instant. So it's a 'good' problem to have and usually those things work themselves out."

Marcus Cannon's usage as a third tackle and why the team values him: "On Cannon, we've discussed this a bit in the past, but he is a capable fill-in tackle and those are hard to find. I thought they hurt his development a bit with the guard work last year, which bombed. So there's a process of getting him back to where he was at OT before that (he played a solid half-season at right tackle in 2013 when Sebastian Vollmer was out with injury). I thought Cannon did some good work in the season opener, as his block was a key on Rob Gronkowski's second TD catch."