Patriots have recent history with 'illegal bat' penalty

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- With NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino acknowledging that officials missed an "illegal bat" penalty late in the fourth quarter of the Seahawks' 13-10 win against the Lions on ESPN's "Monday Night Football", it sparks thoughts of how the New England Patriots benefited from that call in a 27-17 win against the Dolphins on Oct. 27, 2013.

For those who missed the ending of the Seahawks-Lions game on Monday, ESPN's Kevin Seifert breaks down everything you need to know about the "illegal bat" play.

And for those in need of a refresher from the Patriots-Dolphins game from 2013, ESPN's James Walker had the key details from that day.

The non-call Monday night sparked a flurry of discussion on social media, with former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin reflecting on how the Patriots once practiced illegal bat situations (specifically, what was allowed and what wasn't allowed).