Bill Belichick hasn't been to the grocery store in a couple years

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Sometimes the most unusual question can produce the most unforgettable soundbite.

Such was the case with Bill Belichick’s Wednesday morning news conference when a reporter asked Belichick the following question: “I know you can’t concern yourself with the mentality of the Patriots fan, but recently has anyone pulled you aside in the grocery store and been like, 'Bill, kick Indy’s butt, will ya?' "

Belichick’s response: “I haven’t been to the grocery store in a couple years.”

A follow-up question was asked if Belichick has heard from family and friends.

“Have I heard from my family and friends? Yeah, sure,” he replied.

Then Belichick added, “It’s the same questions every week. We’re getting ready to play a game on Sunday and we’re going to do the best we can to prepare for it and be ready to go and perform well on Sunday night. That’s what we do.”