Tom Brady on deep-ball passing: Haven't hit driver as well as wedge

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was being given a compliment by a reporter Wednesday afternoon, but he didn't think it was warranted.

The topic was deep throws, and it was noted to Brady that his statistics and accuracy have improved in that area in 2015.

"Really? That's surprising to me," Brady said, before making a connection to golf.

"The mechanics, I've really tried to work on that. A lot of them are pretty much the same, whether it's a 5-yard pass or a 50-yard pass; the mechanics of the throw are very similar -- like hitting a wedge or a driver, it's the same swing. One, there's just a little nuance to it that may be a little different.

"I haven't hit the driver as well as I probably hit the wedges. If I can hit the driver a little better, it will make things a little easier on our team."

As it turns out, the Patriots planned to work on long-ball passing in Wednesday's practice, according to receiver Brandon LaFell.

"A lot of times we don't get a lot of shots on defense, because of the way they're playing; they're trying to play back on us," LaFell said. "Whenever we do, we have to take full advantage of it, and we've been doing it so far this year."

Just not well enough to Brady's liking.

So it's back to the driving range for more work.