Tom Brady: Julian Edelmans just aren't sitting out there on the street

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Four things that stood out from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's news conference on Wednesday:

Good luck finding another Edelman: "Julian Edelmans just aren't sitting out on the street or else they'd be playing for another team, but the guys who are going to be in there, we'll have confidence in the things that they can do well. And I think the expectations are still the same. We expect to go out there and score points every time we touch the ball, and it may take a little different shape. You just have to rely on some different things that are a part of your offense and just do the best you can do."

Confidence is still high with remaining receivers: "I think [Aaron Dobson] and Keshawn [Martin] and Brandon LaFell and Danny [Amendola], Chris Harper; all those guys have done a good job for us. So I have a lot of confidence. You always think that the silver lining is there are a lot of players that you're going to gain experience with, and then hopefully when you start getting some guys back, you'll be that much stronger or maybe you'll develop different parts of your offense. You hate to lose players, but you also know that in football season, because the nature of the sport, it's inevitable that one position or two positions or three positions at different times, different years get really taxed. And then other guys have to fill in the role and take on a little more production."

Bills' cornerbacks catch his eye: "They definitely have good matchups out there, so I think they have a lot of confidence in them. And those players have done a great job when the coach has asked them, 'All right, you've got this guy, and you're going to match him and shadow him.' It was a little disappointing to see from my study that they were playing as well as they were, but that's part of it. You're going to go against good players. And they've got good players, so we've got to still kind of figure out how to move the ball down the field."

Seeing Joseph Fauria, nephew of former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria, signed to the practice squad: "Amazing. I got a text from [Christian] last night. I've always kind of followed him, and I remember being out at UCLA when I lived in California and working out and meeting him out there. We'll see what he can do. Hopefully he can contribute. If it's in the gene pool, then I think we're in a good place."