With Patriots in need of RB, pondering possibility of Stevan Ridley return

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Patrick, similar to Rodney Harrison, I put running back high atop the Patriots' needs list and am anticipating multiple additions at the position this offseason -- whether it's free agency, the draft or even a trade. By the end of last year, both the Patriots and Stevan Ridley felt like a fresh start was best and because of that, I'd put it closer to 15-85 of a return. The only thing that gives me pause in going for even longer odds is that safety Patrick Chung fell into a similar category after the 2012 season and he returned in 2014 after one year in Philadelphia. So those situations do happen. But my feeling was that Ridley would sometimes get frustrated with the volatility of his usage in New England, and I'm not sure a year away changes that for him. In turn, I'm not sure the feelings that led the team to look elsewhere when Ridley became a free agent after the 2014 season have changed either.