Compensatory picks should add to Patriots' draft haul

Every Saturday throughout the offseason, one question from Twitter will be selected to further explore a relevant topic around the New England Patriots.

Joe, the NFL usually announces compensatory draft picks around the time of the annual meeting in late March. The Patriots are expected to receive at least three of them, and possibly four, according to one projection. Nick Korte of Overthecap.com gives a good snapshot look at the compensatory free agents lost last year, compared to the compensatory free agents signed, in a cancellation chart. And then he takes it one step further and projects that the Patriots will receive a third-rounder for Darrelle Revis, a fifth-rounder for Vince Wilfork, a sixth-rounder for Shane Vereen, and a seventh-rounder for Akeem Ayers. If that's the way it unfolds, the Patriots will enter the draft with 10 overall selections. The Patriots have had some success with compensatory picks in the past. In 2000, they selected quarterback Tom Brady with a compensatory pick.