Patriots, in wake of appeal hearing, continue to update Deflategate website

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New England Patriots updated their "Wells Report in Context" website on Friday, with team attorney Daniel L. Goldberg posting 15 "myths" of the Wells report, which was the foundation for the NFL's Deflategate decision to suspend quarterback Tom Brady, strip the team of first- and fourth-round draft draft picks, and fine the club $1 million.

Naturally, the posting generated discussion on sports radio in the region, with some asking, "Why now?"

Goldberg partially answered that early in the post, writing, "We hope that it will induce added examination by those who are interested and allow them to reach their own conclusions regarding this matter and how the PSI of the footballs at the AFC Championship Game in January 2015 came to be under 12.5 PSI."

The club has been consistently updating the website over the last 10 months, so it's not out of the ordinary to see fresh material.

But it's also fair to conclude that it's probably not a coincidence that this latest update came in the wake of the NFL/Brady appeal hearing on March 3 in New York. During the appeal, the three judges presiding over the case made some notable remarks on a day that seemed to favor the NFL's side. For example, Judge Denny Chin said evidence of ball tampering was "compelling, if not overwhelming."

The Patriots obviously disagree.

On Friday, as they have over the last 10 months, they used their digital platform to share those thoughts in what almost seems like a legal strategy.