Patriots WR Chris Hogan's style of play has David Givens-type feel to it

Chris Hogan is a good fit for what the Patriots do offensively. AP Photo/Gary Wiepert

Every Saturday throughout the offseason, one question from Twitter will be selected to further explore a relevant topic around the New England Patriots.

Jack, Chris Hogan is a good fit for what the Patriots do offensively for several reasons. First, he has position flexibility in that he can be effective as an outside receiver and down the field, but he also has experience in the slot and a good skill set to work the short-to-intermediate areas and create separation. He fluidly comes out of his breaks and is good with the ball in his hands. From a Patriots historical standpoint, the receiver he might most closely resemble is David Givens (2002-2005). Hogan is 6-foot-1 and 220 pounds. Givens was 6-foot, 215 pounds. Both have a physical edge to their game. Good route-runners, too. From what I understand, Bill Belichick watched film with Hogan during his visit Thursday and came away with a good feeling for Hogan's football IQ, which is critical in the team's diverse, complex system. Hogan was someone who caught the eye before free agency, and when the team's higher-priced options at the position (Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu) elected to sign elsewhere, it made sense to pursue him more aggressively. I think the Patriots' system will bring out the best in Hogan.