Revisiting James Laurinaitis and the Patriots

This story has been corrected. Read below.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Late Saturday night, a tweet that appeared to be from the father of former Los Angeles Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis -- who was known as "Animal" as part of the Road Warriors tag-team in professional wrestling -- was passed along in this space. Within the tweet included information that the Patriots were among teams on Laurinaitis' visits list.

It was later learned that the tweet was not from Laurinaitis' father, which of course, would have been better to confirm before posting.

The tweet was used as a springboard to revisit Laurinaitis' possible fit in New England, which had been previously explored along with his former teammate Chris Long.

He remains a free agent, having visited New Orleans and Atlanta.

Correction: This post has been modified from an earlier version and deletes a tweet which was incorrectly connected to John Laurinaitis, the father of NFL free agent James Laurinaitis.