Tough day for microphones and recorders at Bill Belichick's table

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- And from the lighter side ...

It was a tough day for microphones and recorders at Bill Belichick's table during the AFC coaches breakfast Tuesday at the Boca Raton Resort & Club.

Belichick, who didn't hide the fact it wasn't a place he wanted to be, arrived at his table and promptly created space in front of him. That meant pushing back the microphones and devices that had been positioned in front of him to record his comments.

Belichick, who donned a light blue Johns Hopkins hoodie, opened with complimentary remarks on retiring linebacker Jerod Mayo and said he will always be part of the team. He then touched on some previously announced changes on the coaching staff and front office, as well as the team's changes in free agency, before striking a personal note by saying, "A shoutout to [Johns Hopkins lacrosse] Coach [Dave] Pietramala, and I hope that he's feeling better."

Belichick concluded his opening remarks by saying, "That's pretty much the update from me."

He seldom elaborated on any questions he was asked over the next 40 minutes, with one moment of semi-humor coming when he was asked where he ranks the AFC coaches media breakfast among the things he likes to do.

"Part of the exciting week of the owners meeting," he said without flinching.

At one point, he was asked about recently spending time with Kid Rock and said, "Bobby's a great guy."

The session ended with a question on the best long-snapper in the history of the NFL.

"As I've said many times, [Steve] DeOssie changed the game," Belichick responded. "A perfect one to end on."