Jonathan Kraft on Deflategate: Patriots are 'angry, disappointed, frustrated, confused'

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- New England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft is a guest on "Quick Slants" on Tuesday night (CSNNE, 7:30 p.m. ET), and he went 1-on-1 from the NFL's annual meeting with Tom E. Curran in an interview that will air on the show.

Kraft shared his thoughts on how things have unfolded with the league's Deflategate punishment and ensuing appeals process, essentially speaking to the team's fans.

"We empathize greatly with their feelings and I can tell you that we are extremely angry, disappointed, frustrated, confused. We feel the exact same way," Kraft tells Curran.

"I think a lot has gone on behind the scenes over the last couple of months where we feel like we presented a lot of evidence and a lot of information which would hopefully lead the league to conclude that maybe the judgment that was initially made was not appropriate. The league has essentially decided otherwise. It's very frustrating. It's very disappointing.

"I think, for us, the frustration level along with the anger, because when you're inside what's going on, and the frustration of knowing what the facts are and how the science works; which was something that under oath was acknowledged by the league that they knew nothing about at the time. It's very disappointing and frustrating.

"For us, you can go to court, but when you sign up to be a part of this league, you agree essentially not to sue the league. But even if you did go to court, you go to court and win money damages. It will take longer than the time before the draft happens. Money isn't the issue here. The issue is getting a draft pick back. At some point, you just have to realize it's not going to happen and the best revenge will be putting the best team on the field next year and hopefully having a very successful season."