In need of a No. 3 QB, Patriots pick NC State's Jacoby Brissett in third round

In need of a No. 3 quarterback, and possibly with Tom Brady's four-game suspension to open the season in mind, the New England Patriots decided to fill the void in the draft with NC State's Jacoby Brissett (No. 91).

My take: The question wasn't "if" the Patriots would add a third quarterback to their roster, it was a matter of "when" -- the draft or free agency. In March, Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said he thought this year's quarterback class was one of the strongest he's seen in recent years, and the Patriots agreed that this was the better avenue to fill the void. A player like the 6-foot-3 3/4, 231-pound Brissett is naturally going to take some time to develop, but with Brady currently out for the first four games of the season, he'll likely open the year as the No. 2 before sliding back to No. 3 in Week 5.

Part of post-Brady planning: Brady turns 39 on Aug. 3 and is signed through 2019. He'd like to play into his 40s and the Patriots certainly hope he will do so at a high level. But the team has to be prepared for the possibility that Father Time catches up with Brady in a similar way it did to Peyton Manning in 2015, and Brissett adds another layer to the depth chart behind No. 2 Jimmy Garoppolo, who is signed through 2017. Brissett will sign a four-year contract through 2019.

Ensures Patriots will keep three QBs: While Brady wouldn't count on the initial roster if he's serving a four-game suspension, when he returns, the Patriots will almost certainly be keeping all three quarterbacks on the roster. That's a bit different than the norm in recent years, so something will have to give on a different part of the roster. Check out the history of quarterbacks on the 53-man active roster under Bill Belichick:

2015: 2 (Brady/Garoppolo)

2014: 2 (Brady/Garoppolo)

2013: 2 (Brady/Ryan Mallett)

2012: 2 (Brady/Ryan Mallett)

2011: 3 (Brady/Brian Hoyer/Mallett)

2010: 2 (Brady/Hoyer)

2009: 2 (Brady/Hoyer)

2008: 3 (Brady/Matt Cassel/Kevin O'Connell)

2007: 3 (Brady/Cassel/Matt Gutierrez)

2006: 2/3 (Brady/Matt Cassel -- Vinny Testaverde/midyear)

2005: 3 (Brady/Cassel/Doug Flutie)

2004: 3 (Brady/Rohan Davey/Jim Miller)

2003: 3 (Brady/Davey/Damon Huard)

2002: 3 (Brady/Davey/Huard)

2001: 3 (Drew Bledsoe/Brady/Huard)

2000: 4 (Bledsoe/John Friesz/Michael Bishop/Brady)

What's next: The Patriots have the following picks on Day 3 of the draft: fourth round (112); sixth round (196); sixth round (204); sixth round (208); sixth round (214); sixth round (221); seventh round (243); seventh round (250). Running back and wide receiver are positions that stand out as possibilities.