Bill Belichick knows the perfect lacrosse position for Tom Brady

Stephen A. calls Skip 'an old curmudgeon' over Belichick comments (2:23)

Skip Bayless feels that Patriots coach Bill Belichick took a shot at QB Tom Brady saying he would put Brady in goal if he played lacrosse. Stephen A. Smith finds Skip's thoughts ridiculous. (2:23)

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- If New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady played lacrosse, Bill Belichick has an idea what position would be best for him.

"Put him in the goal," Belichick said, lacrosse stick in hand during a casual warm-up session. "Can't dodge, can't run."

That was one of the lighthearted parts of a 14-minute video in which Belichick spent time with ESPN's Paul Carcaterra for a Lacrosse Magazine feature.

The video is a home run, as Belichick's comfort with the subject matter is easy to see, from his facial expressions to thoughtful answers to several questions. He discussed what rule changes he might make in lacrosse (e.g. take out of the substitution), the importance of kids playing multiple sports, while also reminiscing on his time playing lacrosse and what it's meant to his family, among other things.

Belichick shared several personal anecdotes in the feature, as well as one that is the highest lacrosse-based compliment he could receive.

Is he a lefty or righty?

Belichick isn't telling, and good luck getting it out of him.