Some Cardinals prefer to see Tom Brady in Week 1, others not so much

Some Cardinals won't miss Tom Brady if he misses the 2016 season opener. Al Bello/Getty Images

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- You're a member of the Arizona Cardinals and the season-opening game is Sept. 11 at home against the New England Patriots.

Still in question is whether quarterback Tom Brady will be under center for the Patriots, so you're asked the question: Do you prefer to play against Brady or not?

This is what Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers asked several Cardinals coaches and players in an anything-but-scientific poll, and the responses were mixed. More were in favor of facing Brady, although it wasn't unanimous.

"C’mon, man, I think that’s a pretty easy question to answer,” veteran receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “I love Tom, that’s my man. But if he doesn’t play, I wouldn’t shed any tears. I’d love to see him back the next week, though.”

Added veteran running back Chris Johnson, "He can come back for the second game."

On the opposite end of the spectrum were remarks from offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin.

“I don’t want any excuses,” Goodwin told Somers. “The level we’re at right now as an organization, as a team – because we think we’re one of the best teams in the National Football League – hey, when we’re playing another team we want them to be at full capacity, too.

“Down the road, I don’t want to hear ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda,’ because they’re missing a guy. Obviously, I would like Tom to play.”