Actor Matt Damon: Patriots fans like an angry Tom Brady

Actor Matt Damon was a guest on "The Rich Eisen Show" on Tuesday, speaking about his hometown New England Patriots and good pal Tom Brady. He was asked how angry it makes him that Brady is suspended for the first four games of the regular season.

"I look at it the other way, that Tom is going to be pissed," Damon said. "And him pissed is a good thing for the New England Patriots faithful. We love seeing him like that."

Brady has already reported to training camp. It is commonplace for quarterbacks and rehabilitating players to arrive prior to the official reporting day, which is Wednesday.

In the interview with Eisen, Damon shared more thoughts on Brady:

"He's as focused a human being as I've met anyway. But if you give him -- it's been however many years that he's been riding out this 'I was drafted 199th' thing despite winning MVP and despite winning all these Super Bowls ... But now this is something new. It could be a fun season for us."

One more soundbite from Damon: "I haven't seen Jimmy Garoppolo play that much, so I don't know what he's capable of. But you know the team is going to put the work in, they're going to be ready. We'll see what happens. If we go 0-4, I'm still not going to sweat it. But if Jimmy can [go] 2-2 or something like that, fantastic."