Michael Floyd appreciates slower pace around Foxborough

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots wide receiver Michael Floyd had just finished answering questions from a large crowd of reporters Wednesday afternoon when he had a few minutes to FaceTime. After a quick hello, he pointed his phone to the right of his locker, where tight end Martellus Bennett had a massive crowd of reporters around him.

Floyd shared, in semi-amazement, how the media crowd had simply moved from his locker to Bennett's as if to say, "Can you believe how many reporters there are here?"

This is in sharp contrast to Floyd's former team, the Arizona Cardinals, as well as many other clubs around the NFL. The volume of coverage around the Patriots is extreme.

That's been part of Floyd's adjustment, although that has been easy for him compared with the challenge of learning a new playbook. Floyd shared that the slower pace of Foxborough has helped him. As previously noted, he has settled at a hotel close to the stadium.

"Not too many things to do around here. That's good for me. ... Where I stay at right now, it's kind of a place for me that I can really focus in on football and get to work in less than three minutes. I really like it," he said.

Asked if his approach has differed from his time in Arizona, Floyd said, "I think it's just a different attitude, a different feeling, being the new guy coming in you have to be up on everything, on your toes, just making sure whatever they throw at you, you're right on top of it and focused and ready whenever your [number] is called."

Floyd put his excitement level at a "10" for Saturday night's divisional round playoff game against the Houston Texans. Although he's only been with the club since mid-December, he also said he feels "welcomed" and it's been "like I've been here for quite some time."

"That's always a good feeling when a new guy is coming in and you get that from the team," he added.

As for what that means for the future, with Floyd scheduled for free agency after the season, Floyd relayed that will all take care of itself in time.

"Right now, I'm living in the moment," he said. "I'm not worried about next year or what's going to happen with me here. I think right now I'm excited to be here, I'm excited to be on this team, and this is where I am now."