Trip to Michigan has Tom Brady reflecting on jobs he did in college

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Long before he became the star quarterback of the New England Patriots and emerged on the University of Michigan football team, Tom Brady worked for a company called Dudlar and Sons Custom Home Building in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He also worked at the Polo Fields Golf and Country Club in Jackson, Michigan.

Those jobs from 1996 and 1997 had a prominent place on his old resume, which Brady reflected on Wednesday morning in advance of the team's trip to Detroit later in the day.

"Those were good experiences when I was in Michigan in the summer. You know, you work different jobs and you get a scholarship check, but you’re trying to afford, like all of us were, our college experience," he said. "I worked in construction, worked at a golf course to play free golf, because that’s what I like to do, worked at a festival at night, so I was working two jobs. It was good experiences."

"I mean, it really is hard work. You know, I’ve been so fortunate to do something I love to do. I’ve said for a long time, working out and training and being out on the practice field never feels like work to me, but that definitely felt like work when you’re cleaning up industrial parks and scrubbing the tops of roofs and stuff like that. Man, I was pretty tired at the end of those days."

The Patriots are spending an extra day in Michigan before Friday's preseason game against the Lions, which might afford the 40-year-old Brady the chance to visit his alma mater -- something he always appreciates. He did so last September while serving a four-game NFL suspension, and also before the Patriots-Lions preseason game in 2013.

"California, to Michigan, to here. I was telling my wife, it’s almost 18 years here in Boston, so that’s as long as I’ve spent in California growing up, with a little pit stop in Michigan. Any one of those three places, I feel pretty comfortable," Brady said.

His 2013 visit included a moment in which he donned his old Michigan uniform, and delivered a passionate speech to players.