Tom Brady enjoys talking football, different offenses with Brian Hoyer

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It’s only been two days since Brian Hoyer’s return to the New England Patriots, but quarterback Tom Brady hasn't wasted any time asking him about some details of how different teams run their offenses.

Since leaving the Patriots after a three-year stint from 2009-2011, Hoyer has been with Pittsburgh (2012), Arizona (2012), Cleveland (2013-2014), Houston (2015), Chicago (2016) and San Francisco (2017). Meanwhile, Brady has been in just one system, which piques his interest on how others operate.

“It’s fun talking football with him, even in the last couple days,” Brady said in his annual bye-week interview on WBZ-TV’s Patriots All-Access program. “He’s seen a lot of different offenses, so when someone else has been around other people, you [might say], ‘I like this, how did that work? What did you guys do here?’ That football knowledge he’s accumulated is different than when he left here.”

Brady, 40, relayed that he had kept in touch with Hoyer, 32, through the years, but it’s obviously different now that they are playing together again.

That was the other domino to fall after the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers for a 2018 second-round draft choice. In the interview, Brady was asked if he views that decision as an expression of faith in him at age 40.

“I think this team in general has put itself in a great position to be successful. The coaches, the players, and I love being a part of that,” Brady said. “I wake up every day thinking about how I can help this team win, and the work I need to put in so I can be really held accountable for what I do, so I can be really dependable for the team. We’ve had a great thing going. Hopefully we can keep doing it.”

Brady was asked about how much his lifestyle helps him to keep performing at a high level.

“It’s year-round, and I try to make a big commitment,” he said on the program. “It means a lot for me to be out on the field for our team. It’s a big commitment for me to be out there. I take that very seriously. I know the team pays me a certain amount of money. I feel it’s my responsibility to do everything I can to be out there. That doesn’t just happen in the fall. It happens year-round.”