Who's the GOAT? Kurt Warner's kid says Tom Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner wasn't expecting this type of blindside hit, from his own son.

Using Twitter to share his humorous story, Warner relayed how he spotted his son doing a homework project while sitting at a computer that had a Tom Brady article on the screen. Naturally, Warner asked the question, "Are you doing a project on Brady?"

To which his son could have simply replied, "Yes." But instead ...

Warner was willing to concede the top spot to Brady but thought he might at least get some consideration on his home field.

It all sparked some notable reactions on social media about the two prolific passers. Warner, of course, saw the start of Brady's rise when the two squared off in Super Bowl XXXVI -- a 20-17 Patriots victory over the Rams on Feb. 3, 2002.