Matthew Slater explains 'New England vs. Everybody' shirt

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater showed up for his AFC Championship Game news conference wearing a shirt that read "New England vs. Everybody."

The reason?

"I was given this by our equipment staff on my way in here," he explained. "I was told I needed to wear this to the fancy press conference today."

That sparked laughter among those in the packed media workroom.

"I just follow orders," Slater said. "I'm a 'yes' man."

The Patriots sell the shirt at their Pro Shop. In addition, Patriots safety Devin McCourty wore a shirt that said "Not Done" on it, which is the team's postseason slogan. That is also sold at the Pro Shop, as the club might be taking the opportunity with the increased media exposure to sell some shirts.