Former Patriot Chris Hogan happy to relive 'Glory Days' at Gillette Stadium

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots wide receivers coach Mick Lombardi was walking through Gillette Stadium on Thursday for a media Q&A when he had an unexpected meeting.

It was with Chris Hogan.

"He was in the hall talking to Coach [Josh] McDaniels and we just talked about some receiver play," Lombardi said.

"Obviously, Chris was a great player when he was here and was a part of two championship teams. Any guy like that has a lot of good feedback to give, and I enjoyed my conversation with him. If he wants to come out and be an assistant receivers coach, or help out at any point, I always take any points from anybody."

Turns out Hogan, 33, is busy in his second pro athletic career, transitioning from his NFL days (2013-2020) to a member of the Cannons LC of the Premier Lacrosse League.

The Cannons open their season Friday against Redwoods LC at Gillette Stadium (7 p.m. ET), which explains Thursday's impromptu meeting with Lombardi. Hogan won't be on the 19-man game-day roster this weekend, but is determined to make the most of this opportunity.

There are five PLL games scheduled at Gillette Stadium from Friday to Sunday, and Hogan shared some of his personal memories of the venue in a chat with ESPN.com.

What is your favorite part of Gillette Stadium?

The locker room.

Why the locker room?

Being with the guys.

Favorite memory of an event at Gillette Stadium?

AFC Championship Game [36-17 win against Pittsburgh Steelers on Jan. 22, 2017].

There was no hesitation on that. Why that one?

Family and friends were there. Best game of my career [nine catches, 180 yards, two TDs].

When you see the lighthouse at the stadium, what do you think of?

Running out of the bubble.

If you could change anything about the venue, what might it be?

[Laughs] Less wind during the winter.

When you look up and see the 2016 and 2018 Super Bowl banners, what is your first thought?

Gosh. I think of a helluva comeback [vs. the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI] and an incredible cap off to the years I spent with New England [from 2016 to 2018].

When you stepped back into Gillette as a visitor, what was it like?

Like I had never left.

Difference between the home locker room and visitors' locker room?

[Laughs] Not as nice.

Favorite song that you remember being played?

"Glory Days" [by Bruce Springsteen].

When you came back this week, how would you describe your emotions?

Excited. Going through every single game I've played here; I feel like I can remember every one over three years. When I stepped on there, I thought of all the relationships. My friends that I made on the team. My family coming to see me. The great moments. The bad moments. Wins. Losses. It all goes through my mind in a matter of seconds. I can reflect on so many good things, and awesome memories, and say this was my favorite place to play in my career.