Saints' Rob Ryan featured on E:60 tonight

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will be profiled on ESPN’s newsmagazine show, “E:60” tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN. View the trailer here.

E:60 feature producer John Minton III and reporter Jeremy Schaap spent months digging into Ryan’s life both on and off the field, following him on a parade float during Mardi Gras among other endeavors.

Minton said they were intrigued because Ryan has been “one of the biggest characters in the NFL” for years and rarely has a coordinator been given so much attention -- especially on the sideline during game broadcasts.

“The cameras love him,” Minton said. “That said, what drew even more interest for me was the relationship that developed between him and the city of New Orleans. I'm not sure there has ever been a more perfect match between a man and the city he coaches for. It was incredibly entertaining to experience it firsthand throughout the filming of this project. I found Rob to be extremely genuine and authentic while being highly entertaining to be around."

UPDATED: Ryan responded with some of his usual sarcasm when asked about the upcoming show Tuesday.

“Well I’m sure everybody’s gonna be tuning in watching that,” Ryan cracked. “It should be interesting, hope it turns out good. I had fun doing it. …

“It was like -- what do you call it -- reality TV. I think the Ryans will be a big hit. I think my wife stole the show probably. I haven’t seen any of the cut-ups, but she was dominating. But it was a good time. And it showed the city, New Orleans, that’s what’s cool. I’m assuming that’s what it was all about.”