Jimmy Graham nixes 'Superdome Leap' after fans get too friendly

METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is still searching for a new go-to touchdown celebration after his latest one resulted in him getting "groped up."

By a man dressed in a Joker costume, no less.

Graham, whose favored goal-post dunks were ruled illegal by the NFL this year, attempted his version of the "Superdome Leap" after a touchdown this past Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. But when asked Friday if he plans to make a habit of it, Graham said, "That'll probably be my last one after getting groped up."

"I just wanted to go and thank all the fans for being there," Graham said. "But people were trying to thank me a little too much."

The New Orleans Advocate tracked down the guilty party -- fan Scott McGowan, who explained that he went for the backside grab because, "I went for what I could grab. Everything else was taken, so I took what I could get."