Junior Galette's full police report released

There weren’t many new details unveiled Tuesday when the full police report was released on New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette's Jan. 5 arrest.

As the Kenner, La., police department announced after booking Galette on a misdemeanor charge of simple battery involving domestic violence, he was accused of pushing a woman twice and knocking her to the ground while trying to get her to leave his home.

Both the New Orleans Advocate and The Times-Picayune obtained copies of the report. According to both publications, Galette and his cousin Terrance Banks denied that Galette ever touched the unidentified woman, who claimed that the two men “jumped” her, causing an earring to be ripped out and her face to be scratched. Galette’s attorney later claimed the lost earring was caused by a dog that jumped on her while reacting to her yelling.

Among a few new details in the report was an account from police of what was seen on the cellphone videos of the incident that Galette recorded. It showed the woman holding a knife, repeatedly asking that the police be called and requesting that her cellphone be returned to her. Both the accuser and the accused confirmed that she waved a knife at one point before dropping it and being physically removed from the home by Banks.

Galette and the woman have also given conflicting accounts of their relationship, with Galette describing her as a “dancer” who spent the night, while the woman claimed to have lived with or stayed with Galette during the past two years.

According to the police report, one other man and two other women were present in Galette’s home at the time of the incident, including a woman described as Galette’s girlfriend.

One other related detail that was revealed Tuesday was that Banks and two other people were arrested on counts of illegal drug possession while driving Galette’s car a week after the initial incident. Galette was not in the car at the time -- and his attorney, Ralph Whalen, issued a statement saying Galette was “disturbed and disappointed by what he's heard about the behavior of the individuals involved.”

Galette’s first hearing is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 26.