Drew Brees laughs off trade rumors, mum on contract talk

AVONDALE, La. – Drew Brees laughed Wednesday when asked about hearing his name tossed around in trade speculation during the New Orleans Saints’ roster overhaul last month. Although Brees admitted he was “shocked” by some of the moves, including the trade of tight end Jimmy Graham, he said he never was worried about his own job security.

“Well, all the trade rumors I would hear from people,” Brees said Wednesday when asked for the craziest one he heard. “I would have people come and, ‘So I hear you’re getting traded to Tampa.’ Oh, OK, great. And then the next week, it’s like, OK, who is it this week? Buffalo? Or wherever else. So I lost track.

“But again, I know that if things like that were taking place that I have the type of relationship with our team, our organization, that I would know about those things. So when I hear them second-hand or from a media outlet or whatever, I don’t really pay it much [attention].”

As for whether or not there have been talks about a contract extension with two years remaining on his contract, Brees stayed mum.

He answered with the word, “No,” but it wasn’t clear if he was saying there have been no talks or if he was just rejecting the question itself:

“No, and I mean, listen, if there was, I wouldn’t say anything about it, just like there’s a lot of things that I won’t comment on from a contract standpoint,” Brees said. “Because those conversations are between me and our organization, and that’s the stance I’ll always take on that.”