Rex Ryan praises brother Rob, Drew Brees

METAIRIE, La. -- New York Jets coach Rex Ryan delivered his usual mix of wit and sarcasm during his conference call with the New Orleans media on Wednesday -- while also throwing in plenty of praise for his brother Rob, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Saints coach Sean Payton.

When asked for his thoughts on facing Brees, Ryan said, “Yikes. That’s pretty much it.”

“Dude’s a surgeon, man,” Ryan said, expanding on his initial scouting report. “He picks you apart, can make all the throws, all the verticals and things, poised, sees the field, so accurate. Other than that he’s not very good. Extends plays, he’s as good as it gets.

“I’m just happy Miami never got him (in free agency in 2006), because we would have had to play him twice. Now, it’s only once every four years.”

Ryan later added, “If he saw us play pass defense last week he's probably already left to come here. I have a feeling we'll play a little better than we played this last week -- obviously, we'll have to.”

Ryan had plenty to say about his twin brother Rob, the Saints’ defensive coordinator. He said they won’t talk as much this week as they normally do because they’re focused on the “business” of beating each other. But he admitted, “We will get a jab or two in at each other. There’s no question.”

“You know it's really a special thing when you consider that how fortunate we both are to be in this league. There's a lot of great coaches that are coaching football and yet here's two of us, twin brothers,” Rex said. "Rob will quickly point out he has two super bowl rings, I have one. I understand that. But really it's great. I certainly appreciate the kind of coach my brother is, he's outstanding. I think New Orleans probably sees that also – the job he's done and his staff. …

“And you got the combination of, oh by the way Sean Payton over there on offense, that's a pretty good combination."

Rex admitted that the relationship between the two brothers is more emotional than just trash-talking.

“We're going to try to beat each other's brains in, and you want to have your hand raised in victory at the end of the game, that's the most important thing. But you hate it because you pull for each other so bad,” Rex said. “During (a typical) game, I'll be on the sideline, and they'll be flashing scores (on the scoreboard), and I look at one game. I just care about New Orleans. And that's the truth, I want to see how he's doing, I want him to be doing great. But when you play against him, it's like you go from one extreme to the other.”

When asked if they have similar coaching styles and tendencies, Rex said, "We're very similar. I don't think there's any doubt that.”

“Our personalities, even the way we sound and everything else. They say we're fraternal twins. I'm not so sure about that,” Rex said. “He's his own man. I think he's been influenced by (New England Patriots coach Bill) Belichick quite a bit, but it's different. He's his own man. He's going to play his defense the way he sees it, and he's outstanding obviously. And I'm going to do the same thing.

“But don't kid yourself. We will copy things from each other and all that. We talk all the time and stuff. I know one thing -- I think we have respect from the league as being pretty decent on defense, both of us. And one day I think he'll be an outstanding head coach. I think he's a great motivator. He gets guys to play. He gets guys to believe in themselves and I think that's a big part of it."