Colston approaches records -- quietly

METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints receiver Marques Colston has always been a man of few words. It's how he got the nickname, "Quiet Storm" in college.

True to form, Colston has declined most media requests over the past month -- both while he was going through an uncharacteristic drought and since he bounced back with another 100-yard game last week against the Dallas Cowboys.

Now on the verge of breaking two more franchise records -- for most career receiving yards and most yards from scrimmage -- Colston offered two humble statements through the public relations staff.

"While it is certainly an accomplishment to set these records and something that I am proud of, my focus right now is on our team week to week and how I can contribute to us continuing to win football games," said Colston, who needs 12 yards to break Eric Martin's record of 7,854 receiving yards and 16 to break Martin's record of 7,865 yards from scrimmage.

Colston already holds the Saints' franchise records for career touchdowns scored (60) and career receptions (566).

"Even though these records are individual records, others here have also played an important role in this," Colston said. "Credit has to also go to the coaching staff and my teammates here for helping put me in position to make plays."

Although Colston doesn't exactly wear his heart on his sleeve, he showed how much passion he has on the field last Sunday night while scoring on a 22-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. Colston was hit square by Cowboys safety Jeff Heath at the 4-yard line. But he stood tall, then shook off Heath and lunged for the goal line.

Perhaps Colston was releasing some pent-up frustration, after missing the previous game with a knee injury and catching just six passes for 44 yards over the three previous games combined (the quietest three-game stretch of his career).

Quarterback Drew Brees didn't see it that way, though.

"I don't know. He's so steady all the time," Brees said. "At least for me, you always know what you're going to get from him. Some games are going to be bigger than others or just kind of the way they play out. Maybe a couple of games stretch where he's catching a lot of balls, catching a lot of touchdowns, and then all of the sudden there's a quieter few weeks. But during those quieter few weeks, Lance Moore is having a big day. It's Kenny Stills or Meachem. I think you guys have seen enough of it over the last few years that we spread it out quite a bit in that way."

Colston caught seven passes for 107 yards in the victory over Dallas -- his first 100-yard game of the season, though he did catch seven for 96 in Week 4.

"He looked great. I think he felt great," said Brees, who has thrown all 60 of those touchdown passes to Colston -- which ranks seventh in NFL history among quarterback-receiver combinations. "Marques is a tough guy and he's always battling something. But he's always going to be present, and he's always going to give you his best, and he's always going to be a playmaker and there for you in crunch time."

Colston's October drought led to a ton of questions about whether we were starting to see the beginning of a decline for the 30-year-old. But last Sunday's performance was evidence that he's still a go-to guy for the Saints.

As I wrote several times previously, I think Colston's lack of production against Chicago and New England had more to do with specific defensive matchups than anything else.

Sure, Colston will still have some quiet games to come since the Saints spread the ball around so much. So will everyone in the Saints' deep offense, including Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles from time to time.

But the Quiet Storm isn't done making noise just yet.