Why Drew Brees says Aaron Rodgers has 'cursed us all'

NEW ORLEANS -- Drew Brees likes a good trick-shot throw as much as anyone. The New Orleans Saints' offbeat quarterback challenges have become an entertaining daily sideshow at training camp every year.

However, Brees joked about how Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' on-field theatrics -- such as his scrambling sideline pass to tight end Jared Cook in the playoffs -- are making everyone else in the fraternity look bad.

“It’s funny, I feel like Aaron Rodgers has cursed us all,” said Brees, who brought up the subject while talking about how he recently met draft prospect Deshaun Watson while the Clemson quarterback was preparing for his pro day in the San Diego area.

“He was getting ready for his pro day, so I was kind of watching some of the stuff he was doing to structure his pro day. I thought it was interesting, trying to show NFL coaches like, ‘I can make these types of throws,’” Brees said. “It’s like, the throw that seems to be in all these quarterbacks’ pro days is they script the old, ‘Scramble out here, and then the Green Bay-Dallas throw to Jared Cook to put 'em in field goal range at the end.’ The one that they were like is the most amazing throw ever -- which it was, it was pretty impressive.

“But I think all these guys are like, ‘Hey, look, I can do that.’ But not quite like Aaron.”

As for Watson himself, Brees said, “I was really impressed.”

“I think he’s mature beyond his years,” Brees said. “He’s obviously coming from a really good program. And it seemed like he was asked to do a lot there, be responsible for a lot. And he’s also one of those guys who spent a lot of time with certain people this offseason, I know, just preparing himself. So, he’s gonna come in ready, more so than most guys.”