Cameron Jordan outduels Mark Ingram in 'rigged' lip-sync battle

Saints running back Mark Ingram thought he was robbed after lip-syncing to Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" in charity battle against teammate Cameron Jordan in a Carnival Cruise Line event. Mike Triplett/ESPN.com

NEW ORLEANS -- When Carnival Cruise Line approached the New Orleans Saints looking for two players who would be game for a charity lip-sync battle, the choice was a no-brainer.

Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram are two of the team’s biggest stars. They have two of the most playful and boisterous personalities on the roster. And they also happen to be best friends and fierce rivals in pretty much any competition from video games to pingpong.

So it was no surprise that Ingram was crying foul after Jordan was declared the winner via audience poll in Sunday’s event, when Ingram rocked out to Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” in a long blond wig and Jordan flashed some serious dance moves to Usher’s “Yeah!”

"Man, I knew I had the odds stacked against me. He had a group of eight choreography dancers. He had Usher 'Yeah!' I felt it was rigged from the jump," Ingram said. "But I came out and gave it my all, man. And I demand a recount."

Ingram claimed that he lost the battle as soon as he lost a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine the song choice. Usher would have been his choice, too.

Jordan agreed that he had a built-in edge over Ingram – but made a LeBron James comparison in describing how he exploited it.

“He had a leg kick in there; that was pretty sweet. He was rockin’ the air guitar. You know, I just feel like as a rock star, you gotta have a real guitar,” Jordan said. “They didn’t give him the prop that he needed to succeed. That being said, you can’t go into every game knowing exactly what your game plan is. There’s gonna be curveballs, and I think he did great with what he had.

“I think I was maybe given a lob. And like LeBron did in Game 4, lobbed to himself, you gotta dunk those.”

Jordan also earned the victory with that impressive choreography – which he said he’s been mastering since his youth.

“You know, luckily I grew up watching a lot of good movies, and my mom made me dance with her when I was little. I don’t lack confidence,” Jordan said. “And I’m allowed to exude that not only on the battlefield, which is football, but as well as this dance battle. I got into it. I go full-go.”

Jordan earned $10,000 for United Way, while the Mark Ingram Foundation received a $5,000 donation. Carnival also surprised Saints super fan Jarrius Robertson – who recently underwent a liver transplant -- and his family with an eight-day cruise.