Marcus Williams shares how he's turning 'nightmare' into motivation

Marcus Williams’ terrific rookie season came to a crushing end in January, when the New Orleans Saints safety missed the tackle that allowed Minnesota Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs to break free for a game-winning 61-yard touchdown.

Williams is determined not to let that play keep him down, as he shared in a dramatic workout video that he posted on Twitter on Wednesday with the words, “Turning my NIGHTMARE into my MOTIVATION !! !! !!”

The video, produced with his hometown workout facility, Winner Circle Athletics in Southern California, starts with a clip of Diggs’ touchdown. Then it shows Williams waking up at 5:23 a.m., driving to the gym and going through a series of rigorous exercises, position drills and strength training.

All the while, Al Pacino’s “inch by inch” motivational speech from the movie “Any Given Sunday” is playing, with phrases such as, “We’re in hell right now, gentlemen, believe me. And we can stay here and get the s--- kicked out of us, or we can fight our way back.”

Williams was hard on himself after the Saints’ playoff loss at Minnesota, saying with bloodshot eyes that it was "my play to make." When asked how he planned to overcome it, Williams said, “You can't let it beat you down. I'm gonna take it upon myself to do all that I can to never let that happen again. And, I mean, if it happens again, then I shouldn't be playing. But I'm gonna take it upon myself to do all that I can to make sure nothing like this happens again to me."

Since then, Williams has posted occasional workout videos on social media, with the latest being the most emphatic.

Williams, a second-round draft pick out of Utah, started 17 games for the Saints at free safety, including the playoffs. He had five interceptions, including a huge one earlier in that playoff game at Minnesota.