NFLN survey/feared player: Saints

This might have been the most interesting question of all the ones I presented to New Orleans Saints players, because it was so open to interpretation. Just about everyone asked: “What do you mean by feared?” And the answers ranged from fearsome defenders to offensive playmakers who can light it up. Fitting, then, that the final tally came down to a photo finish between Detroit Lions defender Ndamukong Suh (known for some controversial hits) and dynamic receiver Calvin Johnson.

No Saints cracked the top vote-getters. But I’m pretty confident that quarterback Drew Brees -- and maybe tight end Jimmy Graham -- would have been high on the list if it were more specifically worded as, “Who is the most fearsome guy to try to stop in the NFL?” Brees played second fiddle to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in a lot of these poll responses, but he did get his fair share of love from players around the league in certain categories.