How the Saints handle trash talking

I don't really know what the New Orleans Saints' policy on trash talking is -- since it really hasn't been much of an issue with this team over the years. They've especially gone against the grain at the receiver position, which is usually home to the league's brashest personalities. Saints receiver Marques Colston, whose actual nickname is “The Quiet Storm,” is about as low-profile as star receivers can get. Veteran Lance Moore likes to come up with creative dance moves to celebrate touchdowns, but he's otherwise fairly reserved publicly. And it's generally been the same for cornerbacks like longtime veteran Jabari Greer.

Tight end Jimmy Graham has brought a little more of that competitive fire to the Saints in recent years. And it reached a boiling point when he got into it with several Seattle Seahawks players before their playoff game earlier this month. There have also been a few dust-ups with the division rival Falcons, Buccaneers and Panthers over the years. And Saints coach Sean Payton himself is certainly a fiery competitor. But for the most part, trash-talking has never been a big issue that the Saints have had to rein in or address publicly.

On a scale of red (not allowed), yellow (within reason) and green (go for it), I'd say Payton's stance on trash talking is probably a yellow.