NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Saints

Two-minute warning, and the Super Bowl is on the line. Whom do you want at quarterback?

I’m guessing many people reading this New Orleans Saints blog would quickly answer Drew Brees. And I have no problem with that response. But I also understand why Brees finished fourth in ESPN’s NFL Nation survey of players around the league, considering the quality of candidates ahead of him.

Tom Brady was first with 128 votes, followed by Peyton Manning with 86 votes, Aaron Rodgers with 32, Brees with 21, Ben Roethlisberger with 20 and Eli Manning with nine.

In my mind, there are four right answers to this question. If we’re talking about today and not basing it on their overall history, I’d probably go Manning, Brees, Brady, Rodgers (based mostly on the quality of their 2013 performances). But if given the choice, I might try to trade down for the fourth pick.

The only thing that really surprised me about these results was that Roethlisberger was so close behind Brees. I think there’s a big drop-off after the top four. And I was shocked to see that a total of 14 players received votes. How could anyone choose eight other guys over these six proven Super Bowl winners?