Greer not ready for NFL return yet

Jabari Greer said his rehab from last year’s major knee injury is “going really well.” But the former New Orleans Saints cornerback said he’s not actively pursuing any opportunities to return to the NFL right now and acknowledges that it’s probably unlikely that he’ll be able to work out for any teams in time for training camp.

“I think my pride and my body have two different things to say about that,” joked Greer, who was released by the Saints in February. “But we’ll see. I mean, God can do anything, man.”

The injury Greer suffered during a game against the San Francisco 49ers in November was severe. He said he tore his ACL, PCL and total posterior lateral compartment. The good news, Greer said, is that his MCL and meniscus remained “perfect.”

Greer talked openly about the details of his injury for the first time, saying it’s no longer a secret now that he’s not with a team.

Greer also freely admitted that he hasn’t decided whether he will pursue a return to the NFL at some point. Greer said that will depend on what his body and heart tell him.

“It just really depends on what God has for me," Greer said. "I think right now today, I’m very content with where I am. I’m very happy with being able to invest in my wife and children. But in the future, I’m sure that itch is gonna come, because it does for everybody. I guess it just depends if I decide to scratch it or not."

Greer still lives and trains in New Orleans, but he took three weeks off from his rehab this summer to travel to New York and San Francisco.

One thing Greer knows is that he would “definitely make sure that I was 100 percent” before working out for any teams, if that’s what he ultimately decides to do.

“Because in this league, as you know, it’s a production business,” Greer said. “And they don’t care if you’re 85 or 90 percent. If you can’t produce or perform, you just make yourself look bad. In the essence of self-preservation, I would reserve until I got 100 percent.”

For now, Greer said he can do “everything” in his rehab, just not at full speed yet.

“I’m not out there jumping hurdles yet," he said. "But I’m running [in a] straight line, I’m doing some bear crawls ... I’m cutting, I’m doing box jumps, high knees. I’m doing everything that I can do, which is amazing."

Greer also laughed at the notion that he’s 32 but his knee is only 6 months old.

“I often, whenever I get discouraged, I literally go back to the point in which I injured my leg, and I know the feeling of just being incapacitated, not being able to do anything. And now seeing that I can run, even if it’s not my fastest, seeing that I can run and cut, I just think it’s incredible, man,” Greer said. “It truly keeps me grounded.”

I brought up the triumphant return of another former Saints cornerback -- Mike McKenzie -- who re-signed with the Saints during their 2009 Super Bowl season and helped lead them to a huge win over the New England Patriots. Nearly a year after, it appeared that a major injury would end McKenzie’s career. And Greer said he just happened to be talking to McKenzie about that same subject a few days ago.

“And when I brought that up, you should’ve just seen the glow on his face,” Greer said. “He was like, ‘Yeah, I balled, didn’t I?’ and I said, ‘You did, you did.’ And he came out off the street, and he was the player of the game. It was ridiculous.”