Golfer Bubba Watson not NFL ready

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. -- Bubba Watson might have blown his chance on Friday to crack the New Orleans Saints roster.

The two-time Masters champion and longtime Saints fan dropped a pass from Saints quarterback Drew Brees during training camp practice at The Greenbrier resort, where Watson and his family recently moved.

“He’s blaming me. He said I underthrew him,” Brees joked after practice.

It was a designed play, but Watson didn’t run a pass route. He just stepped onto the field from the sideline and waited for Brees to deliver a deep ball, which bounced off his hands as he reached for it.

“It’s a stationary target, I didn’t want to overthrow him. I thought it was something he could come back to,” Brees said. “I said, ‘Hey every now and then a receiver’s gotta come back to the ball.’ So he’s saying QB error, I’m saying receiver error.

“What I wanted was an over-the-top throw. We’re gonna have to just practice that. I’m gonna have to get him off the course this afternoon, maybe over here for some extra reps when you guys leave, so he doesn’t get nervous. And then maybe we’ll get a big touchdown reception before he has to leave here.”

When asked if Watson choked, Brees said, “No, I just don’t think we best utilized his skill set. So we just need to come up with a better route for him.”