Tiki: Fears, questions about 2012 Giants

Tiki Barber said on Friday that he has some questions about the 2012 Giants.

But are they legitimate ones?

Barber, the former Giants running back, made an appearance Friday on the "Mike & Mike" show on ESPN Radio and talked about some issues he sees surrounding the Giants on the eve of the regular season.

"I get some fears about some of the things that I've seen so far in the preseason," Barber said.

Specifically, he mentioned the Giants' low preseason third-down conversion rate and the issues on the offensive line.

"Some of those guys have gotten old," Barber said, in reference to the Giants' offensive line.

It's worth noting that the Giants' offense -- and QB Eli Manning in particular -- struggled in the preseason last year. And the offensive line was beset by injuries. But things seemed to turn out pretty well. So it'd be wise to take Barber's critique with a grain of salt.

Barber has also been an outspoken critic of the Giants since he retired (for the first time) prior to the 2007 season. He questioned the leadership skills of Eli Manning and routinely criticized coach Tom Coughlin both during his playing days and in retirement.

On Friday, he said that there are "questions" surrounding the Giants but admitted that the defending Super Bowl champs have to be "at the top of the list simply because of the experience of the quarterback, the coaching ability and the ... fate of this team over the last four or five years."