Coughlin report: Safety dance

Tom Coughlin said Sunday that he will take a look at what combinations work best for the Giants at safety after losing Stevie Brown.

But Ryan Mundy is the next man up, and Coughlin said the veteran safety can play both safety positions and be a physical presence.

"We’ll see about that,” Coughlin said, on whether Mundy can fill Brown's shoes. “He has played well. We just have to get the people out there and get the right combination here. Ryan has played well and he certainly has proven that he can be physical and be dominant in the box. From that standpoint, yes.”

Coughlin broke down a few of his other safeties as well. Will Hill has lots of talent, but he is also facing a four-game suspension to start the season.

“(Hill) has been playing and playing well," Coughlin said. "He’s an outstanding special teams player and he’s very physical. He’s played pretty well all the way along. The fact of the matter is, we’re not going to have him for four games. While we acknowledge what he brings to the table, we certainly can’t be lured into thinking that we’re OK in any shape or form because he’s not going to be here. That’s a shame.”

Tyler Sash will have a major opportunity to show what he can do. Sash has a safety, a fumble recovery and 10 tackles thus far this preseason.

“Certainly (Sash) is going to get a lot of playing time," Coughlin said, referring to Thursday's preseason finale against the Patriots. "Quite frankly, it’s really up to the production. That goes for anybody. The opportunity is certainly going to be there this Thursday night. We’ve got to take advantage of it."

Coughlin said he wants to get a good look at rookie safety Cooper Taylor as well. Taylor has been hampered by a hamstring injury.

TC on TT: Coughlin sounded more inclined to keep Terrell Thomas at cornerback rather than consider moving Thomas to safety after the Brown injury.

Thomas logged 23 snaps in his first preseason game since 2011, when he tore his right ACL for a second time in a preseason game. He is currently coming back from a third ACL surgery.

“That came up in the spring,” Coughlin said, of a possible position move for Thomas. “The No. 1 thing is to get Terrell Thomas on the field and get him to where he’s playing well and his confidence is up and that type of thing. That has been first and foremost on our minds.

"Quite frankly, we haven’t thought a lot about another spot for him other than getting him out there. Getting him confident, getting him playing again. He certainly is a talented guy and we’ll do the best we can to utilize all of the talent that we have.”

RB snaps: David Wilson had the 84-yard touchdown run. But the starter only got 13 snaps against the Jets compared to Andre Brown's 25 snaps. Brown was used quite a bit on passing downs as well.

"He’s worked a lot with our pass protection situation," Coughlin said of Brown. "You might say that happened a lot last night, even our early downs. It’s been a pretty good ratio between first/second down and then on third down, Andre’s got more of that than I think David has. Both of them are capable of first/second down, or third down. We’d like to have more production consistently and hopefully we’ll get to that."

When asked if he is more confident with Brown in pass protection than Wilson, Coughlin replied, "Not necessarily."

TC on O-line: Coughlin was asked whether he might make any changes to the already revamped offensive line, which had some communication issues against the Jets.

"We’ll see," Coughlin said. "I wouldn’t say one way or the other. I’m not about to say what we’re going to do that and you’ll just have to wait and see."

Specials impress: Coughlin may not be happy with his offense right now, but he has liked what he's seen on special teams.

“We continue to be impressed by Josh Brown and his kickoffs and his field goals as well," Coughlin said.

Brown has converted 11 of 13 field goals, with his misses coming from 38 and 53 yards out. Coughlin also praised running back Michael Cox, who had 79 yards on three kickoff returns Saturday.